Do I need to have ListingPro installed to join the Community?
Preferably yes. The community is a great starting point to discuss about ListingPro while you're setting up your project.
Do I still need to rely on the support channel now that I’m in the community?
Yes. The community you may get help from active users that can answer some of your questions, but the support channel is recommended.
Do I need to renew my support channel even getting good results in the community?
It's recommended to renew your support for technical and issues that in the community some helps may not be enough.
Can I start a partnership with some user to expand both directories?
Yes. You can start discussing ideas to expand your business directory with some other user in the community. But remember, we do not commit any responsibility for such partnership. ListingPro team aren't responsible for any agreement made by both parties.
Can I share plugins ideas in the community?
All ideas must be followed to solve users doubts and/or to give alternatives and suggestions that you or others colleagues have found while building their directories. For this purpose, plugins ideas, compatibility, suggestions for certain use etc, is allowed. Any other question related to implementation directly within ListingPro for future updates and so on, aren't allowed.
I have more than one purchase code. Do I need to register again?
It's not necessary. You can use one purchase code as your main to get access to the community. But if you decide to register another account with your second or more purchase code, you can do so.